Breast cancer and the app that could save your life

Senior Writer Cloe Willetts explains how Breast Cancer Foundation NZ's new Pre Check app could save your life.

This year I've written stories about two amazing Kiwi women, both mums in their 30s like me, who were shocked with a breast cancer diagnosis. Sadly, one of them passed away.
They found lumps, but did you know there are eight other symptoms to look out for? Since using the new Pre Check app, I now do!
While I sporadically checked for lumps and bumps before, I didn't know it's equally important to learn your 'normal' so potential changes are easier to find. Thanks to the app's innovative visual, audio and tactile content, I feel a lot more clued up.
With a game-like interface, you're asked to look for nine breast cancer symptoms on a breast, unlocking descriptions and being directed to a self-check tutorial.
There, you can follow instructions and simple diagrams, with access to additional information, free contact numbers in case you're worried and a monthly check reminder alert.
Fascinatingly, the app requires you to feel your way around the screen to search for symptoms, encouraging you to do the same when you're checking your own breasts. Clever!
For more information on Pre Check and where to download it, click here.

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