The Aussie Bachelor Matt Agnew reveals his health and fitness regime

The Aussie heartthrob lets us in on the secret behind his impressive physique.

When we first found out the new Aussie Bachlor was an astrophysicist, we'll be the first to admit we were not expecting the slick, handsome and buff – I mean did you see that shirtless beach running sequence? – man that is Matt Agnew.
Well, while social media was abuzz with his incredible before and after promo pics, the man himself has revealed exactly how keeps his impressive physique in tip-top shape.
Sitting down with Now To Love, the Aussie bachelor shows he clearly is keeping up with the health and fitness circles, revealing he's taken up intermittent fasting, which is currently all the rage.
"I follow the whole intermittent fasting kinda regime," he reveals.
"So I usually only have coffees, I don't do brekky – sometimes I'll skip lunch. I eat in a smaller window, so four to eight hours kinda later in the evening so that's usually a lot of protein, lean meats, salads and yoghurts."
He admits he's a sucker for the low-cal Halo Top ice cream – "it's a bit naughty… but I don't feel quite as guilty," he confesses.
The brainy heartthrob has revealed exactly how he keeps his impressive physique in tip top shape. (Image: Supplied)
Matt says intermittent fasting works well for him, telling Australian Men's Health he was never particularly big on breakfast as a kid.
"I think the thing with nutrition is knowledge, getting an understanding of actually how much you actually are eating, and I think that's a case of just tracking calories for a week or two, just to give a general understanding."
Adding that while intermittent fasting may work for him, it may not work for everyone, "I think it's a case of finding what suits you."
While he doesn't spend every day in the gym, Matt's fitness regime is quite rigorous, explaining he runs two to three times a week and heads to the gym four to five days a week, splitting each day to focus on different areas of his body, "back and bis (biceps), chest and tris (triceps), all that, a split so to speak," he tells Now To Love.
Matt says to him, exercise is therapeutic and he'd much rather hit the gym solo than with a buddy.
"I really enjoy it. It's something that for me, it's very therapeutic going to exercise.
"I don't do it with someone, I really like popping the headphones in, just zoning out and yeah, it's a really therapeutic thing for me."

How does he keep himself motivated?
"Half the battle's just starting and for me I can feel exhausted, get home and I think I could just park up on the coach and do nothing and watch trash on Netflix," Matt confesses.
"But, throw on the runners and as soon as you're out and as soon as I've started, it just feels really great.
"The head's clear, the music obviously gets me in the zone, it's just getting through that 30 seconds of 'just do this', and then it's great."
When asked whether he found it difficult to keep his nutrition and fitness up during the filming of The Bachelor Australia, he admits towards the end it started to slip.
"I've managed to keep up for the majority of it," Matt told Australian Men's Health.
"Towards the tail end of the series, just as the fatigue has really started to accumulate, it did kind of fall off a little bit.
"And I think any time you're in a high stress situation like that, where you're time poor and you're starting to run on less and less sleep and the energy levels drop, if you slip up or you fall off the rails a little bit, just being forgiving and say, oh well, that's all right.
"That's happened. Now let's correct it, and let's move forward positively."
Well said Matt, a very good philosophy to live by!
The Bachelor Australia airs Tuesday and Wednesday at 8:30pm on Bravo.