7 big health myths

We help you sort the fact from the fiction.

  1. Gluten-free foods are healthier for you... Only if you’re allergic to gluten. If that’s not you, may as well pop that pricey tapioca and rice flour loaf back on the shelf.
  2. We should all drink 8 glasses of water a day... Still or sparkling, water recommendations depend on how active you are.
  3. Eating late at night makes you fat... Midnight snacking is here to stay! Calories are calories, no matter what time you eat them.
  4. Vitamin C prevents colds... For all of those wishing away the sniffles in a bottomless glass of orange juice, research shows vitamin C will do little to reduce length or severity of a cold.
  5. Kale is the supergreen... Lettuce and even chives beat kale to the title of healthiest green. The veggie doesn’t even make the top 10 – no matter how stylish your kale smoothie may seem.
  6. Scales are the best way to measure fat loss progress... Don’t fret that 1kg gain after gruelling gym sessions – the scale treats fat, muscle and water weight the same way.
  7. Eating fat-rich foods makes you fat... It’s time to leave that low-fat mantra well and truly in the past; wholefood fats are a necessary component of a balanced diet, and often fat-free products contain a higher amount of sugar to fill the void.
Words by: Beatrice Hazelhurst
Photos: Getty Images

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