5 ways to keep yourself in good health this winter

We’re all more vulnerable to ills and chills during the colder months, but here’s how you can keep yourself healthy and packed full of energy throughout winter.

How to stay healthy in winter
Five simple ways you can stave off winter bugs this season (sponsored content.)
Keep skin hydrated
Your skin is literally the barrier for the rest of your body, which means it’s really important to keep it in good nick. If it gets dry it can crack and cause irritation and infections, so it’s best to keep things moisturised. After showering, moisturise well using body lotion or cream before dressing. Remember to drink plenty of water too to keep skin hydrated from within. Weleda have an Oral Spray for Dry Skin that supports the body’s response to dry, red, itchy flaky skin thus helping to keep your skin feeling and look great. Easier to take than a pill or a capsule, and no water required, the Spray is easy and convenient to use.
Stave off allergies
Allergies can prevail even throughout winter. Luckily, Weleda have an Allergies Oral Spray that supports the body’s response to seasonal allergens. The homeopathic remedy is non drowsy and safe to use on adults and kids over the age of 6.
Protect yourself from colds
Eating healthily and making sure you get enough Vitamin C is essential in winter to keep your immune system from being compromised. If you do find yourself getting sick however, you could try Weleda’s Ills & Chills Oral Spray. This product helps clear airways and soothe throats – meaning you’ll get fast, natural relief.
Cut your alcohol intake
Sad news – drinking alcohol can drastically impair white blood cells’ ability to fight viruses. Give those guys a break and cut back on the wines – one glass a day is fine for your immune system. Any more and you could be impairing your body’s natural ability to fight back.
Get enough sleep
It should be common knowledge by now that sleep is damn good for us. But despite this, many of us still scrimp on how much we get in favour of getting other things done. Aim for 7 hours, though some people need as many as 9. Getting plenty of Zs reduces your chances of getting the sniffles by a third. What better excuse do you need?