5 ways to get a better bum

With a little effort, you can turn your butt into a behind even Mariah Carey would be proud of.

By Olivia Mackinnon
Okay, let's be honest. We all want to get a better butt. Something perky, firm and a little on the round side. A bum that would make J-Lo and Kim Kardashian sob into their cereal out of sheer jealousy.
It's a nice thought, isn't it? Especially when some of us are rocking a derrière more reminiscent of a pancake than a juicy pair of peaches. Fear not, ladies, we have the five steps you can take to help you get closer to scoring the bigger buttocks of your dreams...


One of the best exercises to make your buttocks bigger, it's no wonder squats are such a big deal when it comes to toning your bum. Just like any other muscle in your body, the muscles in your behind need to work hard to get bigger and stronger. Squats are a great way to activate the muscles in your buttocks (your glutes) and tone and firm them as you work. To get the most out of your squats, make sure you're squatting in an upright position (not leaning too forward or too far back) and that your heels stay flat on the ground the whole time.

The kickback

Not only will this exercise lift your buttocks, but it will also strengthen your legs as well. Position yourself on all fours and kick your right leg out straight behind you at a 45-degree angle to the floor. Repeat these kicks for around one minute, or until you reach 50 before swapping legs.

Take the stairs

Don't have time to get to the gym for a bootylicious workout, but keen to get moving? Find a flight of stairs that you can call your own for half an hour and use your legs to power up each step. The repetition will awaken the muscles in your calves, thighs and your bum. Once you reach the top of the stairs, take it easy on the way down (this can be your break) before taking on another flight.

Squeeze really tight

Just because you're at work and perched at your desk all day, it doesn't mean can't work on building up your butt. Just like how Kegel exercises (pelvic floor contractions) are inconspicuous to the people around you, squeezing your bum muscles should only make your body move up and down off your chair very slightly. Aim to do 20 every hour or so – or an easy way to remember is to squeeze your butt muscles 10 times every time you have a sip of water.


If you don't like running but want to strengthen your leg and bum muscles, lunges are perfect. To start, simply step forward with your right leg and bend your knee forward to follow your foot. Your knee should be perfectly vertical over your foot. If your knee isn't in a perfect line with your foot when you've lunged forward, adjust your foot. Keep your back leg straight and the back foot as straight forward as possible. If it turns out to the side a little, that's okay too.
You should feel your bum muscles activate when you're in this pose. If you don't feel much of a burn then check that you're doing it correctly. Try walking lunges if you want to turn up the intensity; starting by performing a regular lunge pose and then turning every step after that into a lunge pose, too. Hold each lunge for around 10 seconds to really activate your leg and bum muscles.