3 tips to help you relax and unwind

Make sure you're taking time for yourself with these practical relaxation tips

Make sure you're taking time for yourself with these practical relaxation tips
For most of us, taking a well-deserved break is something we often forget about. From family to friends to work commitments, juggling it all can leave us little time for ourselves!
In a recent Woman's Day survey, 70 per cent of Kiwi women said they agreed with the statement "I get to the end of the week and I'm exhausted, only to start over again the next day".
What's more, 68 per cent of respondents also said they agreed with the statement "I'm constantly juggling and always in a rush".
So if that's you too, you're not alone!
Even in our busy day-to-day lives, there are some simple tips and tricks we can use to make sure we're getting enough 'me' time. Here are a few you may want to try out:
1. Look forward to the little things
Getting in key relaxation time doesn't have to take up your whole day. Even as little as five minutes here and there can be helpful - so whenever you have a few free moments, make the most of them! Whether it's driving back from dropping the kids off or finding an unexpected gap in your schedule, take the opportunity to do whatever makes you happy. Listen to your favourite song, grab a sweet treat or just take a few calming deep breaths - every little bit counts!
2. Schedule time for yourself
If you're always putting others first, you can end up missing out on valuable time for yourself. Why not schedule some 'me' time into your diary, to make it official? Book yourself in for a facial or a manicure at your favourite place, or just spend the time at home reading your favourite mag with a cup of tea - click here to find out what other Kiwi women chose as their top 5 time out activities!
3. Get rid of distractions
It's hard to really relax and unwind if you're constantly checking your emails, answering texts or thinking about housework. Make it easier by getting rid of anything that could interrupt your 'me' time - turn off the phone, put your feet up, and make the most of it!

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