3 reasons to learn music

Don’t put off your dreams of playing an instrument any longer – musical training is good for the mind and soul, no matter what your age. Here’s how:

  1. It makes you a better listener. Learning music can improve your ability to distinguish sounds and hear speech in a noisy environment later in life, shows a US study. These skills are essential for good conversation but often decline with age.
  2. It boosts empathy. Playing music in a group can strengthen your capacity to recognise other people’s emotions. A University of Cambridge study shows performing together may help you form a bond that goes beyond verbal communication.
  3. It increases your IQ. Taking music lessons can raise your IQ by seven points. In a German study, singing or keyboard practice enhanced the academic performance of children, and their higher intelligence remained as they grew up.
Words by: Lindyl Crabb and Emma Clifton
Photo: Thinkstock

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