16 changes to make in 2017

#9: Drink all cups of tea before they go cold.

1 Use lunch breaks to take actual breaks, instead of online shopping.
2 Phone and visit elderly relatives.
3 Choose exercise that makes you laugh as well as sweat.
4 Keep the cutlery drawer sorted.
5 Be kind, tolerant and empathetic (to balance out the bad juju from Trump).
6 Make a spa appointment every couple of months as a well-deserved relaxation treat.
7 Only eat the nice carbs.
8 Stop thinking ‘I’m just a chauffeur’ and start noticing how great time in the car with the kids can be.
9 Drink all cups of tea before they go cold.
10 Stop applying the ‘5+ a day’ rule to chocolate.
11 Be a ‘glass half full’ person (both in wine and in life).
12 Accept that 10 minutes of exercise is better than aiming for an hour and doing nothing.
13 Have phone-free time, so the family doesn’t forget how to have a conversation.
14 Let other drivers into traffic.
15 Boost your feel-good factor by putting an item in the supermarket donation box each week.
16 Take the stairs instead of the lift to make your Fitbit proud.
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