10 tips for a healthy, nourishing summer season, according to former Biggest Loser coach Tiffiny Hall

Former The Biggest Loser Australia coach and founder of, Tiffiny Hall, shares her top health tips.

By Tiffiny Hall
The sun is beaming down, you're sipping tropical fruit punch and some happy campers are laughing by the pool. Summer is officially here - if that smell of sunscreen in the air is anything to go by.
Here are several smart and simple strategies to start off your summer on a healthy track:
1. Eat the rainbow
Summer fruits and veggies are the best! Incorporate them into your day-to-day life by eating all different colours. By covering the whole rainbow, you're giving your body a good array of foods and boosting your energy levels with a well-balanced diet.
Be mindful of what you're eating. Allow yourself to have that small ice cream and enjoy it. Remember, 80% healthy, 20% treats!
2. Incidental (and outside) exercise
Get outside to exercise! Pick an outdoor activity: a hike, a local walk, playing games like tag or beach cricket with the kids, cycling, rollerblading, or swimming. Find some ways to 'accidentally' work out - take the stairs instead of the lift, squat as you goss on the phone, lunge as you laundry!
If you have spare minutes, use them - and make it fun! Exercise is the best when it's something you enjoy. Ask yourself what you like to do in your spare time and chances are, it will involve some kind of moving.
3. Keep hydrated
Make sure you're drinking lots of water as the hot summer days can leave your body dehydrated. Don't confuse hunger for thirst. You can end up eating a bunch of extra calories when all your body really wanted was an ice cold glass of water! Infuse some strawberries and cucumber to make it a little bit fancier.
4. Don't let the sun stop you
Summer exercise doesn't have to stop because of the rising temperatures. Use this as a chance to change it up - take it indoors and start up your lounge room dojang.
Treat exercising as an appointment you wouldn't miss. Find a workout time that is right for YOU. Maybe it's 6am or maybe it's 6pm. Listen to your body (and your schedule) and lock it down. My TIFFXO online program means you can take my workouts anywhere, and fit them into your schedule.
5. Speaking of the sun
Make sure you always apply sunscreen and remember, from 11am to 3pm stay under a tree! Or at least wear a hat, a t-shirt and some sunscreen. If you are having a heavy outside day, re-apply that sunscreen every two or three hours.
6. Snack right
When that sun is kissing your shoulders and the sand is in between your toes, it's easy to go straight to your closest ice cream vendor. Instead, be prepared and pack a cooler bag full of healthy snacks and lots of water - I'm talking sandwiches, veggie sticks and fruit, fruit, fruit.
7. Take up a new hobby
Summer is the perfect time to learn something new - gardening is an excellent way to enjoy the outside and brings us back to the old tale of incidental exercise.
Planting a herb garden will get your hands dirty and will help make you feel grounded, as well as making sure you always have access to fancy up your summer meals with some healthy flavours.
Not such a green thumb? Why not tennis, golf (without the buggy) or even pilates in the garden?
8. The more the merrier
Accountability buddies can make exercise a bit more fun and it means your excuses are numbered.
Great reason to get social AND get your workouts in. Connecting with like-minded people can help push and shove that motivation to where it needs to be.
Challenge your friends to workout challenges to keep it spicy, try some running sprints on the beach, see who in the family is up for a planking challenge.
9. Give your house a summer cleaning
You need an environment that reflects your healthy way of living and your summer fitness goals.
To start, remove unhealthy foods from your home (so you're not tempted) and stock up with fruit, nuts, and other healthy snacks. Check out my TIFFXO planner for the best, most delicious meals and snacks ever!
10. Don't deny yourself a summer of fun either
My favourite rule is 80% healthy, 20% treat. Don't cut out your favourite foods all together, it's about having a taste - not the whole plate.
You can still enjoy it - the key is moderation. And if you feel you went a bit overboard with that fish and chip sesh? That's okay. Use my three-hour rule and reset and start again.
Tiffiny Hall is the founder of TIFFXO, an author, expert trainer, journalist and television personality, best known for her role as trainer on The Biggest Loser Australia.