10 simple ways to make your day better

Just slight tweaks in your routine can revolutionise your day.

10 ways to make your day better
Sometimes it’s hard to get your mind into the right gear when you start back after a break. So here are ten easy ways you can make every day a good one – just by making slight changes.
Find a ‘third space’
We all need some place other than work and home. Finding a neutral, third space that makes you happy and relaxed is a great way to actively seek out down time. Plus, it’s a nice way to become a ‘regular’ where you may encounter other regulars too. Cafes, bookstores, parks and beaches are all on our list – just make sure they’re close enough for you to visit when you just need some me time.
Prep ahead
We tried this one and it’s a real game-changer. Taking fifteen minutes each night to get really prepped for the day ahead will revolutionise your mornings – especially if you struggle to get started. Pip out your clothes and lay them out (everything from undies to shoes) so there are no last minute dramas. Pack your lunch up, prep coffee, stick some water in the fridge for first thing – they all save time and help you feel super ready for the day.
Finding your 'third place' is important
Make an inspiration wall
Images of places, people, quotes that inspire you have a positive impact on your mood and outlook. Tack them to a wall you look at when you get up (we like ours on the back of the wardrobe door). Look at it each morning - it’ll help you feel positive and ready for action.
Make mornings special
For a lot of us, mornings are a rush of hurrying kids along and dragging a brush through our hair as we leave the house. But if you can, make 2017 the year you set your days up right. Get out of bed early, and take time to do something nice for you. Let some natural light in, have a cup of tea while you listen to a podcast, do some yoga, or just allow enough time to get ready at your leisure.
Sunlight can help boost your mood
Schedule in ‘do nothing days’
Life is busy. Whether you have kids or not, we seem to book our lives up with never ending social arrangements, family commitments and errands. But a little bit of nothingness can be good for the soul. Put aside a day every so often where you make a pact with yourself that you’ll just chill. Dip into that book you’ve been meaning to, laze around watching Netflix, just stay in your pjs till sundown – all are excellent plans.
Let the light in
Sunlight is one of nature’s best mood-boosters. Make sure you see the natural light each day, even if it’s grabbing ten minutes in a sun-facing room to have a cup of coffee.
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Positive affirmation
Loving yourself sounds a bit trite to some, but it’s really important for our overall happiness. One of the best tips we picked up is writing a nice message on the mirror at the start of each week, where you know you’ll look every day. All you need is a dry wipe marker.
Change the sheets
Yes you should be doing this anyway, but making the changing of the sheets ritualistic will get you into good habits. It always improves your mood.
Show thanks
Making others feel good makes us feel good. You don’t have to send a thousand greeting cards a year to get this feeling – just a simple, kind text will do. If you have a long distance friendship, how long does it take to send the words “miss you hope you have a wonderful day x”?
Get the blood pumping
The advice is pretty unanimous when it comes to this – exercising in the morning is the best for our mood and life. Set that alarm, put on those running shoes and get out there. You won’t regret it.
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