10 foods that can help you to lose weight

How many of these are in your diet already?

While there are no quick-fixes when it comes to weight loss, there are certainly some foods that are better for you than others.
From oils that can help boost metabolism right through to things to help you fell fuller for longer, try adding some of these into your diet for a healthier lifestyle:
1 Salmon
The omega-3 fatty acids increase fat metabolism and help you to feel full.
2 Quinoa
A carb and a protein, it helps to combat cravings for sugar.
3 Coconut oil
It is made up of unique fats called medium chain triglycerides, which can boost metabolism.
4 Avocados
They’re another source of good fats that help to stave off hunger.
5 Chillies
They contain a compound called capsaicin that helps to speed up your metabolism.
6 Grapefruit
As well as curbing appetite, it can affect the way insulin works, improving weight loss.
7 Broccoli
It’s low in calories and high in fibre – both crucial for weight loss – and contains the nutrient chromium, which helps to balance blood sugar.
8 Edamame beans
This Japanese food is high in fibre and protein, so it makes you feel full for longer.
9 Almonds
Studies show people who eat them tend to consume fewer calories in a day overall because almonds satisfy hunger pangs.
10 Raspberries
They taste sweet but are low in sugar, so they don’t send your blood sugar soaring.
According to a three-month Iranian study, cumin powder can help with weight loss and decrease body fat. Overweight women who ate just under 1 tsp cumin powder (mixed with yoghurt) a day lost nearly 2kg more than other women eating the same food but without the cumin.
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