10 foods that are good for your skin

Refine your diet and you’ll be happier inside and out.

By Donna Fleming
Protein helps skin to become firmer, making it more resistant to wrinkling. Yoghurt, especially Greek yoghurt, is a good source of protein. Low-fat yoghurt is also high in vitamin A and acidophilus bacteria; good for healthy digestion, which is reflected in your skin.
A couple of squares of dark chocolate every day can make your skin look more luminous. Chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa solids hydrates the skin, making it firmer and more supple. Additionally, dark chocolate has compounds that can increase blood flow to the skin.
They're good for your skin thanks to omega 3 fatty acids, which can improve elasticity and strengthen cell membranes. This encourages skin cells to hold more moisture, which can result in plumper, younger-looking skin.
Research shows that colourful vegetables, such as green,red and yellow peppers, can minimise wrinkles, especially around the eyes. Carotenoids – the antioxidants found in yellow and orange peppers, carrots and pumpkin – may decrease the skin's sensitivity to sun damage.
Sunflower seeds
These are loaded with vitamin E, which plays an important part in keeping skin supple by protecting its top layers from the sun. Eat as a snack along with nuts or add to salad.
Kidney beans
The high zinc content in kidney beans gives them healing properties. Scientific research has revealed a link between skin blemishes and low zinc levels.

Oatmeal is loaded with vitamins which are good for your general and skin health because they keep blood sugar stable.

Green tea
Among many antioxidants found in green tea is one called EGCG, which can reduce skin inflammation and redness.

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