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Why having dinner with family and friends is good for your health

How often do you eat with friends and family? According to a recent survey*, many of us feel we don’t get enough time with our loved ones – but mealtimes are a perfect excuse to sit down with them.
Having dinner with family and friends is important

Having dinner with family and friends is important

We need the company of others to maintain our wellbeing, yet a recent survey* found that only five per cent of women were satisfied with the amount of time they have with family and friends.

Similarly, a healthy eating plan is important for a balanced lifestyle. Sitting down to eat (without answering emails at the same time) allows us to get the most out of it, and is more beneficial for your health than rushing around as you try and cram some food into your face.

Eating Symbio Probalance yoghurt is a simple way you can help bring balance to your eating habits. A single serving contains billions of natural probiotics, plus calcium and fibre to support your digestive balance. It’s delicious with muesli, your favourite cereal or just as a snack on its own.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, let’s sit down and enjoy it together!

*SymbioTM Women’s Wellbeing Survey, All Women Talk, July 2015.

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