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Week twenty – April Ieremia’s weight loss diary

Rugby World Cup fever is alive and well in Auckland.

Unfortunately, the upcoming five-week party will make losing weight difficult.

In order to help me with the weeks of parties ahead, I made a pact I would exercise before every night out and run the day after so my butt doesn’t find its way to the comfort of the couch and stay there for the following three days.

However, so far I have celebrated for three days and exercised none. over the opening weekend I toasted the All Blacks’ win as well as enjoying the brave challenges rugby’s minnows posed to the powerhouses.

I’m convinced the All Blacks will win, and I don’t want to miss a single minute of the fun. I just hope this prolonged party spirit won’t set back my weight-loss journey too much.

Scotty is convinced my 70kg goal is far too light for me and I should stop at 75kg.

However, if that’s the case, my weight can settle at the best point for me after I have pushed my way down to 70kg.

I’m a very focused person. When I decide to do something I’m always totally determined to achieve it. I have committed to losing 30kg in 30 weeks and that is what I will do.

I lost 700g this week, taking me to 82.5kg and a total loss of 18.1kg. Any loss is a good loss!

oy focus over the next few months is to ensure I tone up as well as lose weight.

oy overall shape is looking better but underneath the covers it’s a different story.

oy skin doesn’t bounce back the way it used to so I need to firm up everything south of my belly button.

Scotty has really turned up the heat recently and is asking for a daily session at his new gym to work on conditioning.

Not only am I sure this will hurt but it will also mean I weigh more, since muscle is heavier than fat.I know tightening my body with all those exercises will tone me up, but the extra muscle will slow down my weight-loss.

I am not yet at the weight I want to be, so I need to decide whether I want to weigh more and be toned or to weigh less and be flabby. At the moment I want the latter.

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