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Week three – April Ieremia ‘s weight loss diary

Scotty is the man. I only see my trainer once a week, but look at what he’s done!

He’s motivated me to lose another 1.6kg this week, delivering an overall loss of 4kg in just two weeks! Surprisingly, Scotty got me back into running at record speed. I didn’t think I could do five runs in a week for at least another six weeks, but I am.

In the past, the only thing that’s shaved fat off these thighs is running. But for the last couple of years I would make excuses like, “oy legs hurt, my knees hurt, my lungs hurt,” but in the end it was because I wasn’t committed.

Now, the hardest part is getting out of bed at 6am. Sometimes I go to bed in my running gear, knowing that all I had to do was swing my legs onto the floor, into my shoes and then fall out the door.

To Scotty’s credit, he cottoned on to something pretty key in the first week. He realised that not only was I lazy, but that walking did nothing for me, so last week he told me to run and I haven’t stopped.

As for food, choosing what to eat when I’m out or at home is tough. However, I accept that no-one opens my mouth and shoves it down my throat – I do that all by myself.

on Tuesday night, I faced a heavenly menu at one of the best restaurants in town. I watched as plates of mouth-watering dishes such as eye fillet steak, roast chicken, creamed paua, crab ravioli and haloumi cheese went to other people.

Then on Saturday I was struggling to figure out what was healthy at a Thai restaurant. I decided all Thai food was healthy and tried everything, but the portions were small and the alcohol was absent, so I think the damage was minimal.

Committing to losing weight when you’ve been heavy for a long time is hard. It took me two years to find the motivation to get off the couch. I’m getting older, but I don’t want to get fatter. Now I’m focused so I’m not sacrificing any of the weight I’ve sweated off on those early morning runs.

How about you? Would like to join me? Well then, my trainer is your trainer. Make my programmes, your programmes.

Visit the April Loses It Facebook page (click here), post a current photo of yourself and a story of what you hope to achieve in the next seven months, and keep us updated on your progress. At the end of my journey, I’m picking a lucky slimmer to come with me on a trip of pure indulgence. It could be you!

Losing weight is a big fat mental game. Every day a voice in each of us says,

“I can’t”, “I won’t”, “Give up”. But at the end of the day, it’s not what you think that defines you – it’s what you do.

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