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Week nineteen – April Ieremia’s weight loss diary

Now 17.4kg lighter, I’m well and truly over the halfway hump, never to return again.

Bounding towards the 20kg mark feels wonderfully rewarding.

This week I lost 1.1kg and am celebrating because it’s been three years since the last time I was 83.2kg.

However, our midway photoshoot this week highlighted a little problem that needs addressing – all the flabby bits.

In the past when I have lost weight, my muscles have somehow miraculously firmed up at exactly the same time the fat vanished.

This time the elasticity of my skin is not what it used to be and extra exercises are now seeming more important than aerobic outlets. It’s time to focus on firming up.

Sometimes photoshoots are wonderful. Everyone runs around pampering you, making you look great, feel good and then immortalising you looking picture perfect.

However, they can also be harrowing, especially if you’re not feeling great about yourself. You can be left wondering if all the fashionable clothes will fit, if the hairdo will hold or if your avant-garde makeover can be fixed in Photoshop.

I have done lots of shoots over the years. The majority have gone well, but there have been one or two nightmares where I have wondered what planet the stylist was on and just grinned and got through it until I made it to the car afterwards and broke down in tears.

Luckily this shoot was a total dream. Photographer Emma Bass captured some images that even surprised me.

And the styling was lovely. Boldly asking for a range of colourful size 14s, I walked into a rainbow array of spring dresses and instantly fell in love with a beautiful floaty orange number.

But the best thing about this shoot was the discovery every single piece of clothing fit. It’s been some time since I have felt this great about clothes and it completely lifts your spirits.

I think in the past I’ve been indifferent about shoots because I didn’t feel happy about my larger size. I always felt as if none of it was going to look good, so I just wanted to get the shoot over and done with quickly.

It’s been a long time since I have felt good in size 14 but underneath is a different story. So for the next 10kg, I am focused on firming up the flabby bits – my stomach, butt and thighs. In particular I’m going to focus on my legs. For some people, these are their best feature. oine are not!

I promised to do a bikini shoot at the end of this journey and that is all the motivation I need to get these areas sorted.

A note from Scott Cottier

Things are going well with April and we’re now in the phase of burning all the flabby bits. This is achieved through performing a series of specific exercises that make your muscles burn to a point where they begin getting rid of the fat and storing all of the muscle. Now summer is just around the corner, we’re going to change the dynamic a bit, and give you some simple but effective tips for gaining the beach body you have always wanted.

Tip one: Start performing high repetition exercises for the major muscles of your body. This helps burn the fat from the muscle. You should try for 20 at a time, two sets a day.

Tip two: Design a circuit around your house for walking/running. If it is small then perform the route twice. So, combining tip one with tip two, perform a squat to the desired target, then go for a walk/run around the house.

once back, do the second set of squats. Remember to rest between exercises.

Happy training.


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