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Week five – April Ieremia’s weight loss diary

A twisted ankle puts April Ieremia into a spin

Catch up with all of April Ieremia’s diary entries and accompanying exercise regimes

I’ve been training wickedly for a while now and it’s paying off. But this week I went down in a screaming heap after wrenching my ankle.

During another death run around the park with Scotty, I lost my footing on a bend camouflaged in leaves and I came crashing down in agony. I twisted my ankle on both the inside and outside. one of our training buddies – the seriously hot crown prosecutor – heard my scream and ran to assist me. But I waved him on – I didn’t want him to miss out on his murderous run.

The pain was excruciating, but one I was familiar with. Years of netball sprains have left me well-versed in what comes next – the limping, the swelling, the weight gain.

Why does it always happen when things are going great? Running and exercise have really helped to kill my appetite – I haven’t been tempted to the dark side once. Now I have to rehabilitate my foot and force myself not to eat rubbish. Sadly, this weekend I found myself entertaining lucid thoughts of diving headfirst into the fridge and ravaging everything in sight.

So what to do when you can’t do anything? Scotty suggested I get onto a bike and peddle like a mad woman, or get into my swimsuit and swim – like that’s going to happen! The key, regardless of what you do, is to keep your heart rate up.

So I jumped on the bike. My two mates, Mary and Brooke, have been trying to get me to a RPo cycle class at Les oills for ages but I always resisted because I preferred the outdoors, feared getting bigger thighs, and didn’t want a sore you-know-what from the seat. I did it though, and under their watchful guidance I sweated like a pig and loved it.

Chris, the instructor, was brilliant. In one of the last tracks, he had us off our seats, riding insanely and believing for a split second that we were just like the great cycling champ, Lance Armstrong. It was very powerful.

But this week was all about the food. With exercise at a minimum, I needed to be extra mindful of what I ate.

Eager to pounce, my latent “she-devil” opened the doors to self-destructive thoughts – the same ones that got me into this shape in the first place.

So there I was, salivating over biscuits, thinking about hoovering up a gateau while eyeing the green wrapper of salt and vinegar chips and complimentary dip. I was desperate to stuff everything down my throat. It’s probably how vampires feel when they smell blood – insatiable!

I have often argued with Scotty about the key to successful weight loss being 80% food and 20% exercise. He says it’s more like 60-40 – brave of me to even try arguing really, considering his extensive knowledge and experience in this field. But you often hear stories about people who focus on food and the weight just falls off. However, now that I’m not exercising, I wish I was. Running makes me feel more alive and, magically, it suppresses my appetite.

This week I was inspired by some of my training buddies who have had amazing starts. Incredible Kim dropped 3.5kg in just one week, and one young girl, Hannah, lost 4.5kg in two weeks. So not wanting to undo all the good work I’ve done so far, I put everything back in the cupboards, shut the fridge and went for a drive.

Thank God I did, because this week I had one of my biggest drops. I lost 1.9kg, making my weight loss 7.3kg in 4 weeks. Scotty would say, “It’s dangerous!” but I think it’s brilliant!

A note from Scott

What a whirlwind week for April – especially after rolling her ankle, advising me of every excuse not to train at all (and there were many) and then losing weight by mostly just eating. This is natural as April’s metabolism is still churning from the four weeks exercising prior to her injury.

Exercise is a key ingredient to weight loss and must be performed over 35 minutes at a steady tempo to have any effect. Good nutrition and exercise must be used together, otherwise results will be hard to achieve. There are two weeks to go until this phase is over and we move onto a different training regime.

This week try and reach 30km total walking/running, 250 squats, 200 lunges, 150 press-ups off knees, 180 bent-over rows and 700 trunk twists. Results will start to show very soon. Happy training!Scott Cottier

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