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Week eleven – April Ieremia’s weight loss diary

Catch up with all of April Ieremia’s diary entries and accompanying exercise regimes

After a week without exercise due to a sprained ankle, my body is changing. My clothes are complaining, my skin is straining and my arms are dimpling. I jumped onto some scales on the ship and checked it three times before accepting the result – 90kg.

I’ve gained 3kg in a week and Scotty is going to be grumpy. I’ve been in North America for nearly 10 days, cruising through Alaska’s Inside Passage and eating everything in sight.

A friend of Scotty’s warned me that if I came back heavier, Scotty was going to hammer me. But I can’t imagine a scary Scotty. I’ve been a diligent pupil up to this point, losing more weight than I should and doing exactly what I’m supposed to.

Alas, I fear the worst.

oy saving grace may be the scales – I jumped on fully dressed and also, they’re not Scotty’s. I’m relying on a slight variance, but I don’t think I can excuse 3kg.Now back on land and ready for low-impact exercise, I’m committed to getting back on track, and am doing so in British Columbia.

Home to outdoor enthusiasts who regard everyday exercise as the norm, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and the perfect place to kick-start my regime. Stanley Park is at my doorstep and ready to be explored.

I chose to power walk around the park in case I got lost. But after more than two hours I conceded I probably should have gone bush.

The next day I decided to do an hour – 30 minutes out, then 30 minutes back. When I got to the turning point, I decided on a short cut through the trees. An hour and a half later, I emerged in the city, stuffed and frustrated from the maze-like trails but relieved I was no longer lost!

ootivated by my fat guts and wobbly thighs, I was exercising again and really enjoying it. My daily routine continued for the rest of the week with more power walks in Victoria, a beautiful town I visited during the 1994 Commonwealth Games. I even power walked through the Butchart Gardens. oost people would take their time, but I enjoyed the views while benefiting from a vigorous walk at the same time.

Before I went away, I felt great. I was seeing muscle definition, feeling fitter and enjoying the regime. Now I wish I had been more disciplined in my first week on the ship, because I feel like I’m standing at the foot of ot Kilimanjaro, wondering how the hell I’m going to get up it.

It’s really tough maintaining your weight, let alone trying to lose it when you’re on holiday. The temptation to consume everything you’re not supposed to is around every corner, at every minute of the day. Some people realise this early on, and abandon everything until they get home, knowing that as soon as they do it’s business as usual.

However, my wish for this programme with Scotty is to change the habits of a lifetime and replace them with tools that are conducive to living a healthy life every day, regardless of where I am and what I’m doing. I need this lifestyle and me to be one and the same.

A note from Scott Cottier

April’s holiday seems to have hit some barriers, but I feel she’s over the shock of her weight gain and determined to return in good spirits.

This journey has always been about choices. It’s up to each individual which path they decide to take. Balance and moderation are vital to creating a healthy lifestyle. It’s up to you whether you want to lead an energetic life through exercise and good eating, or a lethargic and worrying one through poor nutrition and minimal fitness – the choice is yours.

A great help is to have visual displays on your fridge and cupboard doors. These could be photos of yourself at your worst, or goals you really want to achieve. Temptation starts at these places, so by reminding the subconscious of your goals, it will help you take the healthy option.

Next week’s training consists of four cardio sessions a week, alternating between two minutes of walking and six minutes of running for 50 minutes. Exercises in total for the week are 150 step-ups, 150 lunges, 150 bent-over rows and 350 trunk twists with feet off the ground.

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