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Toughest life coach in town

Lifestyle guru Steve oiller makes no apologies for his blunt approach to weight loss.

“If someone is fat, they’re fat,” says the British motivational expert. “I don’t use words like overweight, chubby, curvy, big-boned. I call a lard arse a lard arse.”

Right. You know exactly where you stand with Steve, who calls himself the Life Bitch and has been described as the “Gordon Ramsay of lifestyle gurus”.

It’s obvious from the title of his book, Get off Your Arse & Lose Weight, that he’s not one for namby-pamby language (“I wanted to call it Get off Your Fat Arse but I wasn’t allowed,” he admits.) The book is probably the most politically incorrect weight-loss book you’ll ever read, but Steve makes no apologies for being blunt.

“Because what I say is quite shocking, people remember it,” he says.

He’s quick to point out that his book is not a diet – he loathes the “d” word – but a motivational guide that gives practical advice on how to change your thinking and lifestyle so you can reach a healthy weight.

“It’s meant to be a kick up the bum to get people to do something. The obesity problem is spiralling out of control, yet everyone’s just sitting back and whingeing about how hard it is to lose weight. I’m fed up to the back teeth with that.

“Apart from a small percentage of people with psychological problems or a genuine medical condition, everyone else has only themselves to blame for being fat.

“But the good thing is that you can do something about it. You can take control and change your attitude towards eating and exercising and the way you look.

“Being fat is bad for your health, physically and emotionally. Who wants to be a lard arse all their life? It’s up to you and nobody else.”

Who is Steve oiller? Born and brought up outside of Birmingham, England, Steve (42) worked in sales and then human resources. When he started having panic attacks after a relationship break-up, he tried clinical hypnosis, and it worked so well he decided to train as a hypnotherapist. He combined his new skill with his business background and opened a training company. Soon he was helping people achieve goals from succeeding in business to quitting smoking.

He has a special interest in weight loss because he was once fat himself. “I was drinking too much and stuffing myself – I was greedy. I was fat for about two years until one day, I looked at myself in the mirror and saw I was growing man-boobs. It was disgusting. I said to myself, ‘You are a fat slob, do something about it.’ And I did. I lost the weight and I’ve kept it off, and now I want to show other people how they can do it too.”

Steve’s five-step weight-loss guide

  1. Ditch the excuses

Look at yourself in the mirror. Know that you can successfully lose weight – anything is possible. Forget all the excuses – it’s harder when you’re older, you don’t have time to exercise, it’s your genes – and take responsibility for the problem. It’s your fault you are fat, and up to you to do something about it.

  1. Chuck out the junk food

Go through your cupboards and throw out all the food that is bad for you. You know what it is – chips, chocolate, biscuits, ready-made meals. Don’t give it away – that’s saying this type of food is okay. It’s not. Note how you feel as you throw it in the bin. This is the demon that made you fat, now you’re kissing it goodbye. Feel good about it.

  1. ootivate yourself

Dig out an old item of clothing – or buy a new one – that will fit you once you reach a healthy weight. Hang it up in your bedroom where you can see it when you first wake up and look at it often. Imagine how good it is going to feel to be able to wear it. Another motivational aid is to draw your ideal body shape. (If you can’t draw, cut a picture out of a magazine, but make sure it’s not unrealistic, ie a shot of a supermodel.) Keep it with you and look at it first thing in the morning, last thing at night and four times during the day. Say to yourself, “This is the body I’m going to have, and I am really excited about taking control and changing.”

  1. Get moving

Set out to do a 45-minute walk every day. Make no excuses – it doesn’t matter how cold or wet it is, or how busy you are. Find time to do it or you will stay fat.

  1. Reward yourself

As you start losing the kilos, give yourself little treats for doing so well. But not food! Buy yourself some flowers, a magazine, some perfume or even sexy lingerie – something that makes you feel good. You deserve it.

What’s a life bitch? Steve describes himself as the Life Bitch (in fact, he’s registered the title as a trademark) and encourages clients and readers to be their own Life Bitch.

A Life Bitch is someone who:

  • Tells the truth, even if it hurts.

  • Is not politically correct.

  • Has a practical, no-nonsense approach to dealing with life.

  • Believes you get out of life what you put into it.

  • Has your best interest at heart. “To be your own Life Bitch, you have to be honest with yourself. Stop whingeing, stop blaming other people, stop making excuses. Realise that anything is possible, and just get on with it.”

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