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Talking ’bout a resolution

If you decide to get on the resolution-making bandwagon again this New Year, read these tips to help you extend your goals beyond the end of January:

  • Write your goals down in a journal or on loose paper. Either way, make sure you can refer back to them quickly and easily. Unlike a verbal promise, a permanent visual reminder will ensure you stick to your goals, especially if it’s kept somewhere you look often.

  • Be specific when goal setting. It gives you something to aim for and helps you measure how far you’ve come. For example, writing that you want to “lose weight” is too vague – write down the exact dress size you’d like to be. Rather than saying “I want to be fitter,” write, “I will exercise at least four times a week.”

  • Make your goals positive. Say, “I will be smoke free” rather than, “I want to stop smoking.” Try, “I will go out with my friends at least once a week” rather than, “Stop being a useless friend.” If you frame your goals positively and don’t beat yourself up about your old ways, you’ll be more likely to think and act positively towards achieving them.

  • Break down larger goals into smaller steps and you’ll be much more likely to achieve it. For example, if you want to change your career, a small step towards that goal could be doing a community education course on a topic that interests you to test the waters. Brainstorm all of the steps you can take towards the biggie and list them when you record your goals. Timetable the steps realistically.

  • Enlist the support of family and friends to help you achieve your goals. Better yet, buddy up with someone who shares your goal and you can motivate each other and swap tips and triumphs.

  • Schedule time in your diary to revisit your goals on a regular basis and review where you’re at with each one. If you’re close to achieving a goal, congratulate yourself and list the things that are helping you move towards it. However if you’re struggling to achieve a goal, try to analyse why it is still out of reach – identify the things that are stopping you succeeding and figure out how you can overcome these obstacles.

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