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Secrets to a successful morning

Are you a conscientious breakfast-eater or are you more likely to race out the door for work, without stopping to prepare yourself for the day?
Secrets to a successful morning

Secrets to a successful morning

A good morning routine and making time for a good breakfast are essential for a balanced lifestyle, so finding a habit that works for you is important.

So, if your morning routine is a little hectic, don’t feel guilty. Here are five simple ways you can get into healthier habits today.

Don’t snooze

Yes, you’ve probably heard this hundreds of times before, but snoozing is no good for the body’s internal clock. It throws it off and can leave you feeling fuzzyheaded and lethargic for hours. Set your alarm for when you actually have to get up, then actually get up. You’ll thank us later.

Start with a glass of warm lemon water

Instead of coffee, kickstart your body with a glass of warm lemon water. Not only are lemons packed full of Vitamin C, they’re also a refreshing way to start the morning – so you’ll be ready for the healthy breakfast you’re about to eat.

And stretch

Even a five minute stretch can have huge benefits for your body. Before you rush to the kitchen, take time to wake your muscles up for their day. Learn a brief pilates or yoga routine stretching out your main muscles, and you’ll instantly feel more energised. Check out these easy beginner yoga poses to get you started.

Have a healthy breakfast

A simple way you can begin a new breakfast habit is with Symbio™ Probalance™ yoghurt.

Each serve of Symbio contains billions of DR10™ natural probiotics, plus calcium and fibre. Calcium helps support the conversion of food to energy, so Symbio is perfect for including with cereal, over fresh fruit or simply on its own – and a single serve a day is an easy step you can take to help support your digestive balance.

A dollop of Symbio Wholegrains over a tasty muesli is a great (and easy) way to add the goodness of wholegrains to your day. If you haven’t already joined the smoothie craze, Symbio Yoghurt is a delicious and easy addition to heaps of healthy smoothie recipes. Try whipping up a delicious smoothie for your tummy with Symbio, a banana, honey and grated ginger. For a seasonal touch, add a couple of feijoas. Discover more fantastic recipes here.

Write your three key aims

So you know what you’re facing today – write down your three essential aims of the day so they’re clear in your mind. That way, whether you’re sorting that big project at work, booking that holiday or other – make it your number one for the morning.

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