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New “bite counting” craze sweeps dieters

Attention dieters, there's a new trend on the block.

Dietitians have come up with a new way to help you lose weight over the holiday season and it’s every bit as boring as every other method.

The New York Times reports on the new craze for ‘bite counting’ which involves counting the number of times you chew into your food over the course of the day, and then seeking to reduce that number in the weeks ahead.

‘It’s scientifically established and also logical that to lose weight, we must consume fewer calories than our bodies burn on any given day,’ The Times says.

‘Many weight-loss programs suggest that people chew slowly and thoughtfully, paying close attention to the sensory experience of eating.’

Bite-counting involves tracking how many times you chew or swallow on any given day, and then seeking to reduce that number by at least 20 per cent over the holiday season.

The report cites at least one study that shows the volunteers that were able to do this did indeed lose weight, but not everyone in the study was able to do it.

In fact, 16 of the 60 volunteers quit before the first week was out, saying that bite counting ‘had been too difficult, and others cited medical or other personal issues.’

‘To deploy bite counting during the holidays, you must first determine how many bites you take during a normal day’, the report says, ‘Ideally, start now. Note every time you chew or swallow. Then during the upcoming feasts, maintain or reduce that number.’

The Times also warns that bite-counting won’t work if every bite you take is dessert.

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