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Men can now enlarge their manhood with revolutionary implant

Size matters for some.
penis enlargement

Men can now get the revolutionary penis implant

Men who are disappointed with the size of their penis can now hope for a brighter future – as an improved implant has been announced by its designer.

The silicone implant, which can grow the penis by two inches in both girth and length, is inserted underneath the skin – and lasts a lifetime.

Dr James Elist, who created the new implant, says he performs two penis enlargement operations a day at his Berverly Hills clinic, with the procedure taking just 45 minutes.

And the results are clear, if Dr Elist’s testimony is anything to go by. He says none of his patients to date have experienced a loss of sensation due to the procedure, but have seen a huge improvement in their self-esteem.

The operation costs the equivalent of $18,000 Kiwi dollars, and is performed under local anaesthetic, with the patient unable to feel anything happening to the area.

Dr Elist first patented his invention in the early 00s, but has tinkered with the design and surgery procedure to make it the best possible around.

“At this point in time, we have the perfect product: Something that I’m really very happy and even proud to present to the community,” he told the Mail Online.

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