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Let’s get sorted: Tips to declutter your life

Declutter your mind and house - and smell the roses!

Declutter your mind and house - and smell the roses!

Do we truly prioritise order as we should? We crave it, we wish for it, yet in truth, we do not put it at the top of our list.

If you’re looking to bring order into your life, here are three key considerations to keep in mind:

Schedule downtime

Taking a break every now and then will help you feel a stronger sense of purpose and more satisfaction from your achievements. It can even boost your productivity!

Declutter your spaces

Clutter in the physical sense – around homes, offices and surroundings – can directly affect your productivity and energy levels. Rather than viewing this process as a chore, see decluttering an opportunity to revitalise and be more productive.

Manage your time beautifully

There is a universal law that states we are given what we deserve. So in theory, if we continually feel that we are running late and missing deadlines and do not have enough time, perhaps we’re not managing it well?

Click here for practical tips on how to declutter your mind AND your home.

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