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Jump start your metabolism

A hard-working metabolism is the key to unlocking energy and fighting kilo creep. Here are three workouts that speed it up and keep you burning kJs post-exercise.
How to jump start your metabolism.
  1. HIIT: Just six weeks of high-intensity interval training can increase your capacity to burn fat and your metabolic rate so your body keeps working post-exercise, according to a Canadian study.

  2. Cold-water swimming: Here’s a reason to brave the ocean in winter – it’s a powerful fat burner. Several European studies show regularly swimming in cold temperatures can boost your metabolic rate and burn fat, as it uses your body’s reserves as fuel to stay warm.

  3. Battling rope: These heavy ropes are a great addition to strength training work. A US study shows slamming and waving the ropes requires more oxygen and stimulates metabolism better than exercises such as squats and push-ups.

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