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How to get more ‘me’ time

How many women really make time for themselves? And how many of us feel guilty when we do?

Taking care of your own needs as well as those of family, friends and work is deeply important. These days, putting “me” first isn’t seen as selfish, in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s necessary for good health and your general wellbeing.

In a recent Symbio™ wellbeing survey of 1431 Kiwi women aged 25-74*, nearly 80% agreed that, overall, they don’t take care of themselves as well as they take care of everyone else. What’s more, 40% agreed that they feel guilty when they have me-time.

We’re clearly aware that we need to take charge of our wellbeing, it’s just finding the time to do it that’s the challenge!

If you need to get your balance back, there are simple ways to take care of yourself – such as starting the day with a nourishing breakfast and choosing healthy snacks to help keep up your energy.

Here are other ways you can easily factor in me time:

Take a walk

Sometimes a brisk walk around the block is all you need to calm your nerves, collect your thoughts and put things in perspective. Whether it’s just round the local streets or if you head further afield, set aside half an hour to get outside and have some time alone.

Run a bath

If you can set aside an hour of the day (once you’ve palmed the kids off on your partner/pal/doting grandparent) take that time to enjoy some real relaxation. Run a hot bath, add some bubbles, and light some candles: bliss.

Taking a break to eat well is a good excuse for some me time

Go to the movies on your own

A lot of people feel like going to the theatre or movies alone is weird, but it’s actually a great way to enjoy your own company, and you don’t have to compromise on what you’re going to see. If you’re not a traditional 9 to 5er, why not book while everyone else is at work and enjoy a screen to yourself.

Practice yoga

You’ve probably already heard of the many benefits of practicing yoga – but it really is a great way to relax body and mind, stretch it all out and shake off the day. Try squeezing it in first thing in the morning or when you get home for the evening. Added points for a natural location.

Go for a swim

Is there anything more calming than immersing yourself in cool blue water? Whether you prefer a lake, stream, pool or the ocean, a solitary swim can be super relaxing and a lovely way to spend a day alone. Obviously be safe, and don’t swim at places known for rip tides and strong currents.

Have a healthy snack

An easy way to begin a new me-time habit is with Symbio yoghurt. A single serving of Symbio Probalance yoghurt contains billions of natural probiotics, plus calcium and fibre to support digestive balance. It’s perfect with cereal, over fresh fruit or as a simple snack.

Ladies, let’s start making time for ourselves! Join other women taking charge of their wellbeing at

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