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How to disconnect from the digital daze

Here are 10 ways to switch off and recharge
Switch off and recharge

Are your devices taking over your life?

According to Woman’s Day survey findings, 81% of us feel connected for most of the day. If you’re ready to change the way digital technology affects your day to day living, here are a few practical tips to help you switch off and recharge.


Are you constantly reaching for your phone in every free minute? Over time, this can make you distracted and reduce your ability to focus over long periods.

Choose other ways to relax and practise being at ease without technology.

Wake up

Resist the urge to check your phone or social media pages as soon as you wake up.

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Regular emails

Decide on three regular times to check your emails each day and stick to them. In a nine-hour day, everyone will receive a response within three hours – which is perfectly acceptable!

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Turn off phone

Turn off your phone and notifications when you need to focus on work or family for a block period of time.

Check messages

Only check your messages when you have time to reply, otherwise they mount up. Set a time for this as well.

Auto respond

Put an auto-respond message on your emails if you’re not able to reply for a period of time (either a few hours or even overnight). Most of the time, the sender is happy if they know when to expect a response.


When you find yourself idly reaching for your device, pause and ask yourself if it’s absolutely necessary.

Alarm clock

Buy a gorgeous alarm clock for your bedside table and charge your phone in another room overnight. If this isn’t an option, then at the very least put your phone on airplane mode as you sleep.

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Write a list of simple things that can restore your sense of balance, whether it’s good sleep, a great meal, exercise, a walk on the beach, quality time with the partner or kids or more. Make time to add these things into your week where you can.

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