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5 cool things to do at Wanderlust Auckland this weekend

From a 5K run, to acroyoga and hooping - here are the best things to try at Wanderlust 108 in Auckland this weekend. Plus, your chance to win!

Run the least intense 5km ever

If you think ‘fun run’ is the world’s silliest word combo, allow the Wanderlust 108 to change your mind.

Firstly, the majority of the crowd are yogis, not runners, so it’s going to be a lot less terrifying than that time you signed up for a race and everyone had professional-looking sweatbands and face zinc.

You’re going to get more puffed from giggling with your friends than you will get from running, because the official Wanderlust wording for this event says you can prance or dance your way through the 5km and you know people in the crowd will take that seriously.

Bonus points if it’s you that does.

Get your stretch on

There is a DJ creating the beats for this 75-minute yoga flow, so it’s going to be funkier than your average vinyasa.

Wanderlust 108 acts like a taster for the Wanderlust lifestyle, which means there is going to be a wide range of experience levels in the crowd so if you’re a newbie, you don’t have to worry.

If you can’t do a move, you’re encouraged to just lie down on the mat and soak up the good vibes. Where else does that happen?


For 30 minutes, you can dip your toes into some inner peace by taking part in a guided meditation.

Whether you’re a Headspace pro or you struggled through the Pray part of Eat Pray Love, you’ll find it an accessible way to tune into your inner zen.

Try something crazy

Wanderlust is basically like school camp for adults, only nothing is mandatory and no-one will yell at you.

But it means you get to try your hand at something outside your comfort zone in what might be the most positive environment ever: whether it’s hula hooping, a walking meditation, acro yoga or Barre Body.

You get to pick one of them and find out if you might have a secret skill!

Community feels

No matter where you sit on the woo-woo scale, there is something at Wanderlust 108 for you. There’s delicious food, local crafts, spiritual leaders, live music, the best yoga teachers in the country and a whole lot of people who just want to have fun and wear colourful stretchy pants. These are your people!

Enter below to be in to win a Wanderlust VIP Pack including a double pass with Priority Check-In, a Klean Kanteen limited edition bottle, and a Wanderlust 108 bandana valued at $75. Winners must be able to get themselves to Auckland on April 29.

Wanderlust Auckland is happening on April 29, 2017 at Western Springs, Auckland.

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