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Fitness programme – week seven of April Ieremia loses it!

Catch up with all of April Ieremia’s diary entries and accompanying exercise regimesIntroduction* *

This training program from Specforce Elite Training is designed to carry on from the last six weeks of fitness and build that metabolism towards leading a healthy lifestyle through self-discipline and determination.

This is not a quick fix, but a long term commitment to understanding how exercise and good nutrition can reward you with vitality and longevity. It also provides an ability to make healthy decisions to keeping yourself feeling young and amazing.

This training program lasts for six weeks and is designed to continue building that aerobic base which is the foundation to fat burning and increasing the metabolism within the body.

Weight loss may not be as quick as you hope or perceive as it is dangerous to be stripping a high amount of weight off a person in relatively quick time.

However in saying that, if self discipline is high and a want to obtain that healthy lifestyle is a driving factor, then it is amazing what the human body can achieve. Belief is the main ingredient to success.



To ensure burn out is not evident, a periodisation plan is implemented to allow a suitable time for the body to recover after certain activities. T

his in turn will allow the bodie’s metabolism to do it’s magic and improve the process of homeostasis (refers to the body’s ability to physiologically regulate its inner environment to ensure its stability in response to fluctuations in the outside environment and the weather).

once again the choice is yours when and where you perform your training. There is a certain amount of days allocated to exercise which provides you options around your lifestyle. Below is a guide only of how the week could work for you.

***Cardio one

As you can see below there are two programs for cardio. The reason for this is to allow those that enjoy running constantly to perform the prescribed session or those still not able to run the full way to perform that one. Remember we are trying to build your aerobic base and teach the body through constant exercise and nutrition to utilise the fat storage for energy. * *

Stipulated Number of Cardio 1 Sessions for the Second Week is: THREE (try not to do them within three days as a recovery of lesser activity is advised).

**Walk/Run Cardio 1:


Walk     2 minutes light

Walk     2 minutes  medium

Run      3 minutes

Walk     2 minutes  fast

Run      4 minutes

Walk     2 minutes fast

Run      6 minutes

Walk     6 minutes fast

Run      7 minutes

Walk     2 minutes fast

Run      7 minutes

Walk     10 minutes fast

Walk 2 minutes light (then stretch)

*** or if you prefer to run the whole way

Running Cardio 1

Jog      5 minutes

Run     3 minutes  50%

Jog      3 minutes

Run     5 minutes  50%

Jog      2 minutes

Run     2 minutes  70%

Jog      2 minutes

Run     3 minutes  70%

Jog      2 minutes

Run     6 minutes  50%

Run     2 minutes  70%

Run     5 minutes  50%

Jog 10 minutes (then stretch)


The intensity for either session should be like a car changing gears. The higher the gear required, the more acceleration you have. Ensure you change the gears of your body when required i.e. 50%-70% running;

oedium walk; A good stride of the legs which is a larger step than normal

Fast walk; A powerful stride with arms swinging straight through the body and leaning slightly forward powering into the movement.

50% Run; A longer stride than a normal one where the body is upright looking to the horizon and breathing is quite heavy.

70% Run; Really striding out, breath is hard to maintain, arm drive is strong and high, body is upright looking to the horizon.

***Cardio two and exercises

Similar to the last program. on the off days that you don’t have the hard session of Cardio 1, you are to perform the required kilometres either running or walking it. For this week the total kms to perform is  14 kms

Exercises (Total for the week) These exercises are designed to build a strength endurance base which in turn will allow the fat to burn more effectively. Try to do a certain amount on a daily basis so it’s not a rush at the end of week to meet the required total.

Step Ups: 300 each leg Step up onto a box, step or apparatus that is NoT over 90 degrees bend in your leg when stepping up. Whole foot up onto bench. Then step down, change foot. Both sides is classed as 2 repetitions.

Lunges: 250 each leg Both sides is classed as 2 repetitions. Ensure the knee being bent is just off the ground but doesn’t touch it.

oilitary Press: 300 total Grab a vacuum cleaner or something around the house that weighs around 8-10 kgs. Raise up to chest and proceed to lift above your head until arms are fully straightened, then lower back to chest. That is 1 repetition.  Keep feet wide astride with a small bend in the legs.

Clothes Basket Bent over Row: 250 total Weighing around 18kgs, bring basket up into hips, squeeze the should blades together, then lower until arms are straight. Nice straight back by bending whilst bending over keeping in a natural align with the body.

Seated Trunk Twist: 300 total This time take your feet off the ground and perform the same exercise. Try and leave your feet off the ground the entire time until you have reached your required number in the set.

Bridge: 16 minutes

Sit Up/Hold: 100 total Lye on your back, knees bent, keep hands on thighs and proceed to sit up until you can’t go any further, hold for 3 secs, then lower back down.


Ensure stretching is carried out daily. Ideally sitting at home in front of the tv for around 15 minutes a night. Gaining in flexibility not only helps the internal bodily function, it makes you feel alot better and depletes the soreness from the body at a quicker rate than not doing any.

The stretching you perform with me should be performed daily.

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