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Easy yoga videos you can try at home

Each week our yoga instructor Amanda Fell will teach you a free yoga class in your own home, with easy to follow tutorials.
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Every Saturday in May, Now To Love is holding free yoga classes on our Facebook page with yoga instructor Amanda Fell.

Meet Amanda

Amanda Fell is a Yoga and Barre instructor, working in Auckland.

After studying at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, she travelled through London, India and Bali attending workshops and teacher training sessions with practitioners from all over the world.

While overseas, she completed her Barre and pregnancy yoga training in London, and worked with one of the top Barre studios in the U.K.

Amanda has a fun and friendly approach to teaching, and encourages her students to push their boundaries in a safe way, to help them achieve things they didn’t think they could.

She loves to engage with her students, supporting each individual’s journey through their practice.

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