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The top food trends of 2016 that aren’t going anywhere

It has certainly been a year of interesting food!

From turmeric lattes to cricket-flour biscuits, 2016 has been a year of interesting food trends.

Here are some of the culinary creations that grabbed our attention – and we predict how many of them will still be around in 2017!

1. Loco for coco

Time was, soy was the only thing sharing the shelves with traditional milk. Now almond, cashew, coconut, oat and rice milk are taking the stage. And we’re really enjoying the coconut yoghurt and ice cream that have popped up this year too. So yum!

2. Edible insects

Made from ground insects, cricket ‘flour’ has turned up this year in any health food store worth its salt. Used in protein bars and baking, the novel flour tastes slightly hazelnutty. Available in fine or coarsely ground versions, it’s much higher in protein than standard types, and is, of course, gluten free.

3. They were all yellow

They look good in your newsfeed and some say they’re good for you, too. Yep, in 2016 turmeric lattes were touted for their health benefits, including their anti-inflammatory, skin soothing, cholesterol reducing and muscle-ache easing properties.

4. Tummy tamers

Some cultures have been on the fermented food bandwagon for centuries, and it gained popularity in our corner of the world this year, too. Variations include Korean kimchi and German sauerkraut, both made from cabbage.

5. Pour us another one

Caffeine connoisseurs can’t get enough of pour-over coffee, the latest brew to hit the café scene. Not only does the contraption that’s used to make it look cool in your kitchen, fans say it results in a richer-tasting cuppa.

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