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Steal her style: Lizzie and Julia Leuchars

As Corporate events manager for SKYCITY Entertainment Group; & marketing brand communication director and co-designer, Trelise Cooper Group, this mother daughter duo have busy schedules to dress for.

What do you love most about your job?
Lizzie: Everything! Events and hospitality are in my DNA, and SKYCITY is a very stimulating environment. I never have a typical day; it can change in a heartbeat.
I work with incredible people; it never ceases to astound me how welcoming and warm everyone is, and there’s an amazing ‘Yes, we can’ attitude at every level of the company.
Julia: Wearing something that makes you feel good, beautiful or strong can be incredibly empowering, and it’s one of the reasons why I love working in the fashion industry. I also value the variety, working with a passionate team and that I’m constantly surrounded by sparkly things. Plus, I get to be creative and analytical – what more could a girl want?
Julia wears dress by Cooper, earrings by Swarovski, necklace by Partridge Jewellers and heels by Valentino. Lizzie wears suit by Trelise Cooper and heels by Christian Louboutin.
How would you describe your style?
L: I dress for me. I’m particular about it as it’s really important to me, for my own personal pleasure and satisfaction. I love colour and sparkle.
J: I like to have a rock ’n’ roll vibe, with at least one metallic accent at all times – leather and sequins are my go-tos. But I also like to change it up, so my style evolves through the week as I do.
“We like the same things,” says Lizzie (left), “but I love how if we choose to buy the same item, we’ll wear it totally differently.” Lizzie wears suit, boots and bag by Zadig & Voltaire, bodysuit from H&M and choker by Silk & Steel.Julia wears suit by Cooper, camisole by Aritzia, earrings by Partridge Jewellers, heirloom bangle, originally given to Lizzie (worn throughout) and boots by Kathryn Wilson.
What’s your biggest fashion conundrum?
L: What not to wear, what not to pack and what to drop into Dress for Success. All my clothes have a story to tell –they’re my past, my present, my future.
J: That I can only wear one outfit at a time!
Lizzie wears suit by Trelise Cooper. Julia wears jacket and skirt by Cooper, camisole by Aritzia, earrings by Swarovski, necklace from “a little boutique in Paris” (worn throughout) and heels by Valentino.
Do you follow any sartorial rules?
L & J: If you play by the rules – you’ll miss all the fun!
How do accessories feature in your look?
L: I love the drama jewellery, shoes, bags, belts, scarves and hats can add to an outfit and believe in buying quality. They’ll last forever if you look after them.
J: I never miss an opportunity to accessorise. I’ve always loved amazing rings, and at the moment I’m in love with Gucci jewellery. I’m a handbag girl too. Good accessories will take you everywhere.
Julia wears jacket, camisole and leggings by Cooper, earrings by Partridge Jewellers, choker by Silk & Steel and boots by Miista. Lizzie wears suit by Moschino and heels by Stuart Weitzman.
Heels or flats?
L: Heels. I find them empowering – I like that they make me a little taller. I never drive in heels as it ruins the backs. It’s a pain to change into flats,but it’s worth it.
J: Heels. Though I can’t live without my leather Kathryn Wilson sneakers.
What’s your fashion obsession?
L: I love make-up and dressing up and clothes that are out of the ordinary, and I’m a passionate supporter of Kiwi designers.
J: Maximalism. I’ve never been a minimalist – I don’t think I’d know how. More is more, baby.

Steal her style

Pants, $350, by Gestuz, Earrings, $17,200, by Partridge Jewellers, Heels, $1,000, by Dior, Jacket, $749, by Trelise Cooper, Attico dress, $3,210, from Matches Fashion.