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Stand-out accessories seen at New Zealand Fashion Week

From over-sized sun hats to on-trend statement earrings, we find the best accessories seen at New Zealand Fashion Week.

By Jessica-Belle Greer
For the designers at New Zealand Fashion Week (NZFW) no outfit is complete without a striking accessory.
Here we find the most dazzling accompaniments to walk down the runway. True style lies in the details, after all.

Helen Kaminski

For the Wynn Hamlyn show, designer Wynn Crawshaw addressed changing weather patterns with both summer and winter pieces sharing the light on the runway.
Heritage Australian hat label Helen Kaminski created larger-than-life wicker sun hats to juxtapose with these knitted and layered looks.
With beautifully big brims and thick black ribbons tied in a bow at the back, we fell in love with these visors for both their exaggerated silhouette and sophisticated simplicity.

Yu Mei

As well as Helen Kaminski's statement hats, models on the Wynn Hamlyn runway clutched luxury leather label Yu Mei's latest handbags and clutches.
Having also held an installation next to the runway at NZFW, Yu Mei's designs are fast becoming a must-know brand for thoughtful, high-quality accessories made with New Zealand deer nappa.
Pieces chosen from her collection ‘Ceci n’est pas un sac’ observes how modern communication influences our perception of the female form. Designer Jessie Wong collaborated with Meide Studio to include New Zealand Portuguese artist Alma Proenca’s designs on her bags, which play on feminine curves and celebrate the beauty of refined design.


Every year a new accessory trend captures the imagination of designers and influencers alike to the become the 'it' item in fashion.
This is the year of the statement earring. Large, metallic and on the earlobes of countless fashion week attendees around the world, these attention grabbing designs are riding a wave of popularity.
One of the best we saw at NZFW was worn with New Generation designer Pania Greenaway's collection. Designed by Grace Norsworthy and sold through her Instagram account @orswo, they are one-off clay-based earrings painted with enamels.


When up-and-coming designer Rachel Mills was busy planning her dreamy, environmentally conscious collection for NZFW she was also seeking a like-minded brand that could give the crowd instant satisfaction, by way of a new purchase after her presentation.
Th label she found to work with is Roteek, a family jewellery business based in Rarotonga.
As she told Fashion Quarterly in a pre-show interview, the brand was introduced to her by her business mentor, who travels to the Cook Islands regularly to give advice to local businesses.
Made out of dried seeds, the Vakapora family create these round and smooth necklaces, earrings and bracelets by hand.


Auckland jeweller Emily Pearce of Embr was inspired by the movement, shape and contours of water for her 'Tidal' collection, which was on display as part of NZFW's Accessory Showcase.
In keeping with this theme, pearls, turquoise and jasper were incorporated into the delicate yet striking pieces - true to Pearce's style, the jewellery is not too heavy or chunky, but perfectly balanced.
Although the new range is moving away from the bold geometric shapes and edges seen in Embr's previous collections, the underlying principle of balance and simplicity, for pieces that can be worn every day, connects these minimal, clean and elegant designs.
Handmade in her studio from solid materials, each piece is made with recycled sterling silver and gold vermeil to ensure each piece lasts.

Empire of Genius

For those that like to live life hands-free, Empire of Genius is a clever accessory brand that makes practical bags cool.
With leather, brass and chrome the 'Chain Gang' collection is made up of interchangeable bags that fit into the lifestyle of the wearer.
As well as smart, traditional bags the brand has experimented with two on-trend belt bags, as well as over-the-should chains with detachable purses and bag charms.
It's a fun collection that makes us rethink juggling a clutch or wallet when out and about.
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