Michelle Obama prepares to farewell the White House

As her time in the White House draws to an end, we look back at Michelle Obama's legacy.

As her husband prepares to leave the White House this year the world is preparing to say goodbye to one of its most influential First Lady’s.
An accomplished woman in her own right, Michelle has kept us in awe of her choices since she first emerged onto the global stage during her husband's first presidential campaign in 2008.
During her President Obama’s time in office the First Lady has used her profile to fiercely campaign for the health of children and rights of women not only in the US but around the globe. Her classy attitude and sophisticated style have but been a cherry on the cake making her one of the most dynamic women in the world.
While we look back at some of Michelle Obama’s most memorable moments, the September issue of The Australian Women's Weekly look to what's next for America's First Lady.