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Put a swing in your step with these fun Crocs shoe charms

Show off your personal flair by decorating your Crocs!

You've probably heard by now that Crocs are trending, so it's about time you got your hands on some fabulous shoe charms to decorate your signature foam clogs. Here's everything you need to know about these jazzy accessories, including commonly asked questions and where to buy the best shoe charms from online retailers like Platypus, City Beach, and ASOS.

Where to shop the best Jibbitz and shoe charms in NZ


If you're looking for some original charms to make your shoes more unique, ASOS offer a range of fun Jibbitz, including styles from an exclusive ASOS collection. From food to gemstone charms, there's something to represent every personality.

City Beach

Whether you're after Crocs charms for adults or kids, City Beach stocks an excellent range of Jibbitz. From fluffy oversized aliens and cute rubber fruits to shiny metal planets, you'll love switching up your look to match your mood or outfit.


Platypus may just have the biggest range of Jibbitz available in New Zealand. From gummy worms to goldfish, its shoe charm selection covers almost every hobby or interest.
Even better, Platypus are the exclusive New Zealand stockist of the viral McDonalds x Crocs collab (discover more here), which includes a set of colourful limited-edition Jibbitz (shop the five-pack here).


Online marketplace Etsy is your best port of call if you desire some decorative shoe bling that none of your friends will have. There's a variety of local and International stores to shop with, all boasting unique and funky shoe charms. Our favourites? Anything with rhinestones or crystals, like these dazzling (and highly affordable) styles.


You can't beat Amazon for its wonderful and wild range of Jibbitz and unoffical shoe charms. If you're after a bargain, there are heaps of bulk 100-piece packs, not to mention themed styles, whether movie, sport, animal or superhero-related.

Cotton On Kids

Cotton On Kids offers a variety of cute shoe charms your little ones will adore. From My Little Pony unicorns to happy Care Bears, these charms double as fun and affordable gifts.

The Iconic

If you're looking to embrace the festive season with some Christmas-themed Jibbitz or to add some flair to your step with some exciting multicoloured pom pom charms, The Iconic is your go-to website to rep these looks at an affordable price.

What are Jibbitz or shoe charms?

For those wondering what a Crocs shoe charm is, they decorate the holes on the top of the footwear. You can buy the shoe charms from retailers like Platypus, City Beach, and ASOS., and if you're after an official Crocs-approved accessory, Jibbitz is the brand of choice.

Why do people put Jibbitz or shoe charms on their Crocs?

Crocs are fun, but shoe charms make them even more exciting! They're a great way to accessorise your outfit, add colour to your shoe, and show off your unique personality.

Do Jibbitz fit in all types of Crocs?

Generally speaking, Jibbitz shoe charms fit all types of Crocs (which you can shop here), including adults, kids and baby sizes. A fun fact: the quirky brand's name originates from its co-founder's nickname, referring to someone who talks too much.