How to wear pearls every day

The latest fashion trend sees pearls teamed with casual outfits for a look that is far from old-fashioned.

By Jessica-Belle Greer
Pearls have been worn as a form of adornment since before written history, with Persian princesses taking this ultimate status symbol to the grave. So special were these gems in ancient times that Julius Caesar passed a law in Rome to limit the wearing of pearls to the ruling classes only.
Now the rules around pearls are a whole lot looser. Although our own century's traditional wearing of pearls has previously been reserved for dainty necklaces and perfectly round earrings and rings, a new wave of accessories is making the most of faux-pearl technology for a fun, anything-goes update on this beloved accessory.
Weather your pearls were formed in salt water shells or not, keep your style fresh by dressing power pearls with casual and work wear.
See our gallery below to find how to wear, and where to buy, key pieces to add some lustre to your look now.