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Guy Williams goes bananas for charity

Guy Williams strips down for a good cause!

By Lucinda East
He’s given his voice to radio, his face to TV, and now Guy Williams has gifted his backside to model Banana Thunderpants. The sale of these ‘philanthropants’ (priced $23 - $28 each) support Kaibosh Food Rescue, a not-for-profit committed to zero food waste and zero food poverty.
You’re already a successful radio and television star. Why did you diversify into underwear modelling?
Why does Michael Jordan play basketball? Why does Beyonce make music? I think the answer is obvious, this is what I was born to do!
How do Banana Thunderpants fight food poverty?
Every day supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants throw away perfectly good food! Kaibosh Food Rescue swoop in like some sort of action hero in undies.
These undies represent those super heroes. Man that was a good segue! For every pair of All Good Banana Thunderpants sold, $5 and some All Good fair trade bananas go to Kaibosh.
This is the best idea since sliced bread, better yet it's the best idea since bread!
Who would you most like to see in their undies?
Everyone in New Zealand! I love looking at people in undies.
Have you ever been caught out in your underwear?
Many times ... Jono and Ben once set off a fire alarm when I was in the shower, they once pulled down a curtain when I was getting changed ... I almost can’t remember the last time I had clothes on!
How bad is this - I realised when I got home after the banana undies photoshoot that I was wearing the undies the wrong way! That’s how good they are! They’re reversible!
What underwear modelling goals do you want to achieve in the next five years?
To graduate from underwear modelling into pants and shirts and normal clothes dignity modelling!
Underwear modelling is well known as being the lowest of lows. Lets be honest it’s one step above doing full frontal for Playgirl!
Want to grab a pair of Banana Thunderpants for yourself? All Good Bananas have a brand new pair signed by Guy Williams up for auction on Trade Me here, with a free banana-shaped toothpick holder as well! All proceeds will be going to Kaibosh Food Rescue, so you can rest assured it's going to a great cause!

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