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The women behind Milou boutique and Odette's Eatery share their secrets to looking good

Successful business women and mother and daughter, Anna Harvey and Clare van den Berg, share their favourite beauty products.

By Tamsin Marshall
Anna Harvey runs fashion boutique Milou in Ponsonby. Daughter Clare van den Berg is the co-owner of Odette's Eatery & Hugo's Bistro. The pair reveal their secret to looking good and the products they love best.


My skincare routine consists of cleanse, tone and nourish, which I've done since I was 15. I cleanse with Pears soap and water, morning and night. I'll wear a bit of Bio Oil and always apply an eye cream – Clarins is my current favourite.
Then I apply Clinique BB Cream. At night, I use Nivea Q10 Night Cream and Clarins Eye Cream. I've always been happy with my skin, but six years ago I started noticing some lines; I think this came with the shock of losing my husband.
From 15, I've always taken a multivitamin and mineral capsule daily. As for beauty regrets, I wish I hadn't plucked my eyebrows out years ago! So now I resort to pencilling them in.
Too much make-up ages me. A tinted blusher, moisturiser, mascara and a coral and pink lipstick always does the trick. One of my favourites is Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Fiore 07.


I drink as much water as I can – two litres or more a day – and find my skin just glows. My current regime consists of Bioderma Cleanser and lots of moisturiser and oils.
After my shower I use Lucy Marr's gorgeous Sans Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil, followed with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Moisturiser. At night, I use La Mer Miracle Broth, La Mer Moisturising Soft Cream and Kiehl's Eye Cream or Argan Oil. I always wear lots of moisturiser and I apply Clarins Baume Beauté Eclair under my tinted BB Cream (Curtis Collection is the best).
I love a good facial; Amelia at Room 9 is amazing and it's always such a treat. Manicured brows are important to me and I regularly go to Spring Spa. I also eat whole foods – I guess I'm very lucky with where I can go to eat!
I think my look is very natural, maybe too natural. I love a great mascara – Chanel is the best (I put Mum onto it) – and a good lip: I like NARS or Chantecaille. MAC bronzers are best and NARS 'Orgasm' has many uses. Less is more for me.
Whenever I travel I use plenty of Rose Mist from Kora to keep my skin hydrated.
For more fashion and interior trends, and how to style them, pick up a copy of the new Simply You today.
For more fashion and interior trends, and how to style them, pick up a copy of the new Simply You today.