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How to find the perfect bra for your needs

Bras that are simultaneously comfortable, stylish and fit your breasts perfectly are hard to come by, here's how to find your perfect match.

Finding that elusive perfect bra (you know, the bra of our dreams that doesn't hurt, fits properly and makes us feel like a million bucks) often seems like an impossible mission.
There are so many things to consider when bra shopping:
Do you need more support than most?
Do you exercise a lot?
Do you priorise comfort over style?
Are you wanting to sneakily pretend your boobs are bigger than they really are at an upcoming event?
These considerations are just some of the factors that make bra shopping one of the more difficult items to shop for (that and trying to find a foundation shade that actually matches our skin tone).
To help you find your prefect bra, we've put together a quiz that will pinpoint your needs, and then we've suggested some options based on your results.
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