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Glassons' latest collection is the upgrade your work wardrobe needs

Affordable style for the 9-5

There's no better way to boost your mindset and step up your work game with stylish work attire that shows you mean business.
Thankfully, Glassons' new Tailored collection features a range of chic, affordable pieces, including blazers, pants and vests in work-appropriate colours.
An excellent wardrobe investment, you can easily mix and match the pieces in the Tailored collection with your existing staples or use them to build a capsule wardrobe.
Plus, if you're feeling adventurous, the collection offers fashion-forward pieces that'll take you from the office to off-the-clock engagements — all without needing to change your outfit.
Browse our favourite pieces from the Glassons Tailored collection and discover top styling tips to feel and look your best at work.
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Our favourite pieces from the Glassons Tailored collection

The Oversized Tailored Blazer

Oversized Tailored Blazer (available in black, grey and cream), $89.99
Why we love it: It instantly smartens up your look
This oversized blazer adds a touch of authority to any outfit — pair it with a casual dress, satin maxi skirt, or t-shirt and linen pants.
Inspired by '80s workwear fashion, the blazer's oversized fit is comfortable, allowing you to move freely from your cubical to the water cooler in style.

The High Rise Wide Leg Tailored Pant

High Rise Wide Leg Tailored Pant (available in black, grey, beige and cream), $59.99
Why we love it: Comfort meets style
These relaxed wide leg pants are stylish without trying too hard, so they're perfect for long days at the office.
Pair them with sneakers, loafers or heels, depending on your mood. Available in classic black, grey, cream, and beige, they'll look great when worn with your existing workwear — shop smarter, not harder!

The Tailored Vest

Tailored Vest (available in black, grey and beige), $49.99
Why we love it: Endless mix-and-matching
The vest is back in style, so this affordable piece has landed at the right time.
Wear it over a singlet or shirt, or under the Tailored Blazer for a sharp fit.
If you're heading out for after-work dinner, we suggest you wear the vest as a top on its own — if you're in the mood to show some skin, that is. Then, on the weekend, pair it with cargo pants for a casual, dressed-down feel.
Providing endless mix-and-match possibilities with the rest of the Tailored collection, this vest is truly the gift that keeps giving.

The Cropped Poplin Button Up Shirt

Cropped Poplin Button Up Shirt (available in white or blue and white stripes), $34.99
Why we love it: It's a modern twist on a classic
Glassons' classic cotton and linen shirts are already on high rotation in our wardrobes, and this cropped shirt is the icing on the cake.
Inspired by recent Prada and Miu Miu runway collections, pair the shirt with the Tailored Pants for an important meeting or a mini skirt for evening celebrations.

The Boxer Tailored Pant

Why we love it: Loungewear-inspired tailoring
Did someone say tailored pants with a drawstring waist and side zip closure? This genius design will keep you relaxed in any corporate setting, especially if you'd rather be WFH in your track pants (quiet quitting is trending, after all).
Dress these chic pants down with a singlet and oversized linen shirt, or dress them up with a blazer — your options are endless.

The Fashion-forward edit

Why we love them: Budget-friendly high fashion
These edgy suit-inspired pieces are perfect for you if you want to inject some fun into your workwear.
They're available in classic colours that won't raise eyebrows, so your boss won't notice you're planning to clock off early for Friday drinks.
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