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"My little girl would burst with so much excitement": Emma Watkins (AKA Emma Wiggle) has designed a kids hoodie and it's as popular as you'd expect

The Yellow Wiggle has many talents.

By Jess Pullar
Emma Watkins, AKA the Yellow Wiggle has always given 110 per cent to her public-facing role, so much so that she has a legion of fans who would take inspiration from her in all aspects of life.
With that in mind, we may as well her the children's Meghan Markle, because Emma's quirky fashion is adored by her fanbase.
On Wednesday, the famous Wiggle announced she had collaborated with affordable brand Kmart to design a kids hoodie, complete with a gorgeous print featuring dancing ballerinas.
Posing with the immediately-coveted design in a local store, Emma shared a simple yellow heart alongside the hashtag, "#DressUps".

She shared a swipe up to the item in question in her Instagram story - no doubt her fans flocked to see the style for themselves.
The Emma License Hoodie, grey beneath its unique print is $10 - and no doubt will be a firm favourite in the wardrobe of any young Wiggles fan.
Emma's fans were understandably thrilled with the fashion collaboration.
"My little girl would burst with so much excitement !! And if she saw you next to it I think she would cry lol," wrote one fan.
Another added: "My daughter as soon as she sees her Emma Wiggle in the shops she has to have it. She loves Ballet because of you. Thank you for bringing so much joy to so many."
"Omg! Emma wiggle shops at Kmart!!!!! 😍 my daughter would absolutely die," said one.
And one fan was clearly impressed with Emma's feat: "How one knows they've truly succeeded in life!"

Emma is a much-loved member of The Wiggles clan, and her fans were all the more thrilled when she announced her engagement with Oliver Brian, who is a back-up musician in the famous kids band earlier this year.
Sharing a pic of herself and husband to be Oliver showing off her shiny sparkler, Emma wrote: "When life gets more sparkly."
Perhaps her next clothing collaboration will also include some sparkly numbers - we can only imagine how quickly that'd fly off the racks.