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A new company will do your gift shopping for you

If you dread, or lack the time for, finding the perfect gift for a friend or event, read on.

We’ve all been there. Standing in a store desperately hoping that the perfect gift for a friend or loved one will magically appear, or sitting at home racking our brains on what gift to give the person who has everything.

Sometimes you need professional help.

New Zealand’s first gift concierge launched in February after founder Demelsa Wanklyn moved to Rotorua to live with her partner. She has eight years’ experience as a fashion buyer abroad, where she first saw a need for gift-giving help.

“One of the most common questions I was asked as a buyer was what to give people as gifts. When you shop all day for a living, you gain an understanding of what different people like (and don't like),” she says.

The service is similar to that of a personal shopper, and Wanklyn certainly shops around. She says her go-to brands include, but is not limited to; Household Linens, Mecca Cosmetica, Blush Flowers, Nature Baby, Sisters & Co, Paper Planes, Madisons and Father Rabbit. Covering homewares, florals, beauty, fashion, baby products and more, Shoppette can find something for even the most difficult friend to please.

There are a range of gifting options that can be tailored to your quandary. If you know what you would like to give but want someone to sort the admin for you, Shoppette will do this for a service fee of $29. If you have absolutely no idea what to give, the company can find something for you, based on the requirements and details about the receiver you pass on, for a fee of $39. And if you really are a lack lustre gift giver, or just have a throng of wedding and significant birthday invitations coming up, Shoppette’s occasion package called ‘Never forget the date again’ takes care of every gift, for $100.

Words: Jessica-Belle Greer, Simply You

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