Princess Diana's 25 most iconic looks

The People's Princess was a style chameleon - here, we take a look back at some of her most memorable ensembles.

Whether visiting a foreign country, welcoming representatives to the palace or posing for royal portraits, Princess Diana was always impeccably styled.
Her ultra-glamorous wardrobe became a talking point for royal fans around the globe, as she quickly became a fashion icon in her own right.
Each ensemble was chosen with care and styled down to the smallest detail. But it wasn't all form over function, as the royal also made sure her outfits served a practical purpose too - whether paying tribute to a host nation while on overseas trips, or emphasising her naturally warm and caring nature during her humanitarian work.
While on philanthropic visits, for example, Diana chose "cheerful, colourful clothes, because she wanted to convey approachability and warmth," according to Eleri Lynn, the curator behind the highly anticipated "Diana: Her Fashion Story" exhibition at Kensington.
"She didn’t wear gloves because she liked to hold people’s hands. She would sometimes wear chunky jewelry so that children could play with it, and she never wore hats to children’s hospitals after a while, because she said you couldn’t cuddle a child in a hat," Lynn told Vanity Fair.
More than anything, however, Diana knew how to use her outfits as a means of expression.
"Fashion is such a good way to talk about her because she was a very good silent communicator through her own clothes. She understood the language of clothes," Lynn told Vogue.
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