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What to wear to a job interview

With fewer jobs around, it’s more vital than ever to make a great first impression on prospective employers. The way to do that is by dressing professionally and ensuring you’re perfectly groomed. Consider what current employees already wear to this workplace and what you’d wear if you got the job. Is it a corporate office or a casual one? Fashion-forward or conservative? In any case, it’s better to dress as smartly as possible, avoiding anything outlandish that will distract from what you say.

You can’t go wrong with the following basics:

  • A suit in a dark colour. If you’re wearing a skirt, make sure it’s long enough so you can sit comfortably

  • A blouse or shirt that fits well (not too low-cut or tight!)

  • Polished, closed-toe shoes, pumps or loafers with a low heel

  • Good quality, matching jewellery

  • A tidy hairstyle

  • Black pantyhose

  • Light make-up and subtle perfume

  • Neatly-manicured, clean nails

  • A portfolio or briefcase

It’s also worth remembering

  • To have your clothes pressed professionally first. Don’t let a wrinkled jacket be the last thing an employer sees as you leave

  • A collar always looks professional

  • A splash of colour – just one article of clothing – can leave a lasting impression on the employer’s mind, particularly if there are lots of applicants

  • Navy is a great colour as it symbolises loyalty and trustworthiness

  • Red is a power colour so it could be risky

  • There’s no need to look overly serious or masculine. Don’t be afraid to add a little womanly flair – a silk scarf looks feminine and smart

  • To wear deodorant and pack a breath mint

Things to avoid

  • Jeans and sneakers

  • Capri pants

  • oini skirts

  • Rips, stains and unhemmed cuffs

  • oissing buttons and frayed sleeves

  • Dangly earrings

  • Big, fussy handbags

  • Flyaway hairs (a headband can instantly neaten your look)

  • Super-glossy lips

  • Scuffed shoes

  • Nail polish in a garish colour (blue, green, yellow)

  • Strong make-up on both eyes and lips

  • Exposed tattoos

  • Piercings- anything other than small earrings

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