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Watch: Easy Halloween costume ideas

Stuck on a last minute costume idea? Here's some quick and easy Halloween looks
Mermaid costume halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, time is running out to find a costume.

We’ve got two quick and easy costume tutorials that can be made in under ten minutes!

Poison Ivy

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Top Tips

  1. Glue extra leaves onto the wig, for extra ivy-ness!

  2. Wear a green bodice or bodysuit to complete the look

  3. Add dry shampoo to the wig, to give it more body and bounce


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Top Tips

  1. Only use cosmetic glitter, rather than craft glitter which can cause injuries. Be extra-careful when applying it to the face and eye area.

  2. Use shimmery eyeshadows to create a mermaid-y effect

  3. Different shapes and sizes of shells create a multi-dimensional effect

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