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Wardrobe doctor: get the basics

Sometimes it’s easy to get distracted by pretty, impractical things. Before you can say “credit card bill” you’ve splashed out on a silver jacket, a red nightie and a big floppy hat just perfect for next year’s races.

It’s worth stocking up on a few staples as the backbone to a healthy wardrobe. You can still add your own personal flair of course but here are a 10 items that never go out of style:

1. White cotton t-shirts. Avoid lighter options that show your bra and don’t spend too much – they’ll more than likely need replacing each season.

2. Black skivvy. Consider investing in cashmere for more warmth with less bulk.

3. Crisp white shirt. A fitted one will get the most wear as it’s easier to tuck in and looks neater when left out.

4. Good quality underwear. Don’t be scared to ask the shop assistant for help. It’s possible to be different sizes depending on the brand and style.

5. Fitted black jacket. Add structure to your wardrobe by choosing a quality fabric such as leather, velvet or denim.

6. Great pair of jeans. If you just go for a single pair, dark bootcuts are flattering and versatile.

7. Tailored black trousers. Keep your heels in mind when having the cuffs hemmed – you’ll need a little extra in the length to deal with those stilettos.

8. Cashmere cardigan. Go for a neutral colour and you can wear it with anything.

9. Little black dress. You don’t need to go too tight, low-plunging or short for this simple style to look sexy.

10. Ballet flats. Easy to wear, feminine and chic, take your look up a notch by choosing patent leather.

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