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Summer shoe guide

oost of us can remember our first pair of heels and that feeling of being grown-up. I was obsessed with fashion from a young age. My mum and I had a monumental battle of wills when it came to my first pair of platform wedges.

But we came to an agreement that, at age four, I could wear them on special occasions. oove over Suri Cruise – her petite kitten heels have nothing on my old orange leather and cork wedges.

Shoes are making more of a statement than ever this season. Heels are higher, colours brighter and buckles are bigger. Espadrilles and wedges are fantastic for creating a relaxed, comfortable look while retaining height. Nude heels are a wardrobe essential and ballet flats will always be a personal favourite. These little gems are super-feminine and work well with any look. Put your best foot forward in this season’s footwear.

  • Never buy shoes that are the wrong size. We have all done it when we find a pair we love, and your size has gone. Shoe accessories are great, such as shoe petals for padding the ball of the foot, but these should not be used to try to alter the size of the shoe.

  • Storing your shoes properly when they’re not being worn will lengthen the life of them. over the summer, make sure you give your boots a good polish with a shoe cream and stuff them with newspaper so they keep their shape. Leather is like our skin – you need to keep it moisturised to keep it supple.

  • This season’s platform wedges are higher at the front than ever. Not only does this give you great height, but it also means your foot is at less of an angle than it would otherwise be. When the foot is on too much of a slant, it throws your body weight forward, which effects the whole body’s alignment. This is why wearing heels for long periods will often leave you with a sore back.

  • Looking after your shoes is crucial. Nothing looks worse than a great outfit with tatty, scuffed shoes. Driving in heels can damage the backs of the shoes and leave black marks. Keep a pair of slip-ons in your car that you can wear while you are driving.

  • Not all nude shoes are the same – they come in different tones, from a more pink base to shades of beige. Take the time to try a few options and look at how they work with your skin tone to get the full effect, lengthening the leg as much as possible.

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