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Queen Elizabeth’s most stylish hats

From lime green hues to beautiful, big bows.
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Looking for hat inspiration? Look no further than the one and only Queen Elizabeth.

Queen Elizabeth may be revered for her stiff upper lip but when it comes to her personal style, she couldn’t be more liberated.

You’ll never catch the monarch rocking boring black… in fact, the brighter hue the better!

At 91, Britain’s leading lady continues her flawless, fashionable reign and it’s one accessory in particular that has us raising our tea cups in awe.

No matter the occasion, you’ll most likely always see The Queen sporting a stunning hat on her royal head. Honourable mentions go out to her classic pearl necklaces, mini-purses and a glove collection that would leave Mickey Mouse speechless.

As her daughter-in-law Sophie of Wessex explains, the monarch is very strategic when it comes to her ensembles.

“Don’t forget that when she turns up somewhere, the crowds are two, three, four, ten, 15 deep, and someone wants to be able to say they saw a bit of the Queen’s hat as she went past. She needs to stand out for people to be able to say ‘I saw the Queen,'” Sophie says of The Queen’s eye-catching ensembles.

Her most beloved milliner is Rachel Trevor-Morgan, who has created bespoke hats for events like Royal Ascot, state meetings and royal birthdays.

Scroll down to relive some of The Queen’s best hats from over the years!

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The Queen’s love of a good bonnet started from an early age…

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But not all hats bring joy, right Your Majesty?

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In 1996 as she stepped out on the Royal Yacht, Queen Elizabeth opted for a gorgeous yellow and blue turban-style piece, which perfectly set off her lemon-yellow blazer.

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     You can't go wrong with a snazzy pink creation and a hint of lime green on the head.

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  A close up look! Check out the incredible details on this guy, which she wore during an outing in London in 2002.

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  A hat, pearls, rep lippie and sunnies? It's only a look this fearless ruler could pull off.

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      A then-Princess Elizabeth opts for a very dashing hat and a polka-dot jacket combo back in 1947.

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The over-sized red rose is a great choice!

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   The Queen doesn't always go big and bright. Here, she steps out in a very classic and understated piece during her royal visit of Canada in 2010.

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 The pleated dress! The white gloves! The brolley! And of course the pill box white hat! It's all so beautifully chic. The Queen works the crowds in Fiji, 1977.

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 We'd be excited too if we got to wear a hat with a peacock feather in it!

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Fuchsia looks so good on the 91-year-old.

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 Princess Elizabeth dons a textured headpiece in 1947.

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     When hats have secret messages! The conspiracy theorists claimed this brightly-hued accessory, which she wore for the opening of parliament last month, was a cheeky nod to the EU flag.

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     Pretty in purple in 2012.

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It was a red and white number made by Ian Thomas when she visited Berlin in 1987.

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        The Queen's preferred milliner is Rachel Trevor-Morgan.

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  Just this week, Her Majesty stunned in this floral ensemble.

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We’re green with envy over this outfit.

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   This fluffy creation gets our tick of approval.

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     Hats off to you!

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