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Perfect party dressing: What to wear

If the invitation doesn’t give much of a clue as to the most appropriate attire, consider who invited you – are they quirky, conservative? Next, consider the season and the venue – in a private home in stormy winter or on the beach in balmy summer? Afternoon or night time? Before you leave the house, make sure you’re comfortable and warm or you won’t have as much fun as you could!


**Some outfits suit all occasions. Pastels and muted or icy colours are usually a safe bet at a wedding as they will complement the bridal party and won’t outshine the bride. Navy (rather than black) is also smart as long as it’s not too corporate. Avoid anything too racy and instead opt for romantic, feminine dresses, floral skirts with pretty blouses or stylish suits in pale colours. White is best left to the bride.

**office party

**Dress to impress by all means, just make sure not to leave your professionalism at the door. Plunging necklines and short skirts might look fantastic on you but if you’re not comfortable showing off your sexy side to the people you have to work with, don’t wear it. A better strategy is to make yourself look a million dollars – go for sophisticated and chic if you really want that pay rise.

**Dinner party

**Comfort is key, especially if you’re planning on enjoying a few courses! It also makes sense to dress up your upper half, as this is what people will see across the table. opt for a blouse with an interesting neckline, a bold necklace and make-up that plays up the eyes (to avoid that bright red lippie coming off as you eat).

For a grand or black-tie affair, go for a floor-length dress and glam shrug. If it’s a dinner party at someone’s home, a good pair of jeans with a floaty, feminine top is a failsafe option.

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