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How to wear red

The international runways are on fire with this season’s smoking hot red trend. Red makes a visual statement without you having to do anything at all and nothing says confidence, power and passion quite like it.

I loved wearing red in the 1990s – especially with black for a sharp, striking look – but now is the time to mix it with cream, white, tan and navy. If you’re unsure whether red flatters your skin tone, know that anyone can wear it – you just need to find the right shade. It all comes down to the base colour – yellow for a warm base and blue for a cool base.

A warm base is better on pale complexions, and a cool base is better on olive to darker skin tones. To get the right colour for you, stand in natural light with no makeup on and drape your red garment around your shoulders and neck. If the red works for you, your skin will brighten and your eye colour will lift. If it’s the wrong red, the whites of your eyes and your teeth will yellow and your complexion will look blotchy.

  • If you don’t feel confident wearing a red outfit, try red accessories instead – it’s a great way to brighten up your look

  • If you like a red look that’s a little bit sexy, a lace-trim cami looks great peeping out the top of a simple black dress or under a classic shirt at work to add interest and detail to your look

  • For a smoking-hot look that’s on trend, wear your red garments with camel or tan

  • Invest in two or three statement pieces each season that you can mix and match with what you already have to update your look.

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